Monday, 7 April 2014


Lately, I've been rather distracted by Tom Hiddleston. Isn't he a fine specimen of a gentleman? A couple of weeks ago I decided to watch Thor to see what all the fuss with Loki was about. At Christmas I bought a friend a Loki cushion cover from Society6, and last month decided to buy one for myself - although I was looking for one that looked more like Tom Hiddleston as opposed to Loki. The cat also seems rather fond of it.

My Loki-loving friend has been filling me in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is quite overwhelming when there are so many films and you're unsure of the order in which they run. During The Dark World I was wondering what the heck Loki did in NYC, and in the Avengers I was wondering what Captain America's story was. I didn't expect to like these films at all, but I'm hooked.

For Mother's Day, my mum the cat bought me the t-shirt below from Primark.

Because my main Tumblr account is predominantly Russian-themed, I decided to set up a personal account to share all the things that don't quite belong here - not that I know what does. With the Tumblr account I feel like I can post everything and anything (okay, so it's mostly Tom Hiddleston at the moment!) I'm sure the people who have followed this blog, or end up here from Google, wouldn't want to read about things like this.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Juice Box Camera

It must have been around a year since I last ran a roll of film through one of my cameras. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go somewhere different, but the weather in the usual spot was nice, and I like the usual juice box camera light leaks. Makes a nice change from iPhone/Instagram photographs at least.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Not Instagram Again

These Instagram posts really are the laziest. I have no idea what else to update about, and kinda feel like I'm updating for the sake of it. I haven't done a great deal aside from working, reading, and watching far too many films on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video before the Prime trial expires. Scouring the web for anything featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Hiddleston.

Now the weather is getting slightly warmer, I bought a harness for the cat because I thought it'd be nice for him to sit out on the balcony without fearing he'd jump off the wall or scarper down the stairs. He's only been out a couple of times, and seems a little unsure still.

So, The Hunger Games is quite good, isn't it? I seem to have an awful habit of avoiding things that seem hyped, and then getting into them years later. Despite not knowing a single thing about The Hunger Games, I decided it wasn't my thing. I'm not sure what inspired me to finally give it a go, but I loved it and then went and bought a Mockingay pin (excuse the bad angle) like a right saddo - bit too old for that kinda thing, aren't I.

Also, the sunsets have been rather nice as of late.

From now on, I'm going to spiralize everything I eat. Courgettes work the best (oodles of zoodles), but the beetroot looked pretty spectacular, too.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Down at the reservoir

Yesterday, I ventured to my only usual hangout: the local lake, and then I followed the brook into the woodlands that leads toward the reservoirs. I hadn't been there since forced school sponsored walks in the 90s. It was the perfect day for it, and I hope I can return in spring to see the bluebells.

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